4/17/20242 min read

Anyone in New Zealand may be entitled to rehabilitation services under ACC if they have been injured in an accident or have suffered a personal injury. The injury must have been caused by an accident and cannot be due to an illness or aging.


ACC Rehabilitation

Those who have been injured in an accident or suffered a personal injury in New Zealand may have to cut short their treatment if they are not able to afford it. However, proper rehabilitation is necessary and very important to ensure full recovery. If a person abruptly stops treatment and rehab sessions just because they cannot afford it, it can be hugely frustrating not only for the therapist who has been putting effort and helping the patient in his recovery journey, but it can also be very disturbing for the patient. The good news is that ACC physio and other treatments like acupuncture and podiatry allow the patient to fully recover and become a working member of society once again.


Free ACC Acupuncture and Podiatry Treatment

ACC covers a number of treatments to help patients on their road to recovery. Treatments like acupuncture, cupping,guasha,etc are 'free'under ACC(no surcharge, ACC fully fund) in our clinics. For other treatments like massage, you may have to pay for part of the treatment. People who are covered by ACC are entitled to rehabilitation services that will help them gain their health and independence. However, every person receiving rehabilitation is required to take an active part in their rehabilitation.


ACC Rehabilitation Plan

ACC rehabilitation plans entitle the person to a number of rehabilitation services, including social rehabilitation as well as vocational rehabilitation. Social rehabilitation aims to restore their independence in everyday life whereas vocational rehabilitation aims to restore their independence in their working life.

For people who require long-term support after their injury, ACC will prepare an individual rehabilitation plan. The plan will include the different types of treatments and rehabilitation services needed. The plan will set targets that will have to be achieved and detailed record will be kept and regular assessments will also be carried out.


Individual Rehabilitation Plans

An ACC rehabilitation plan will have an initial assessment of the person which will include both occupational and medical assessments. Similarly, the plan will then set targets and outcomes which will have to be achieved. The person will have to meet their ACC case manager on a regular basis in order to monitor their progress.

A number of ACC providers in New Zealand provide free acupuncture services to people who have suffered an injury. Contact your nearest ACC provider to discuss if the required service is available or not. This service may include acupuncture treatment or physiotherapy services.