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ACC treatment available in all branches

Free ACC physio treatments NOT ENOUGH? Here WE GO!

Got in an accident? The sooner you start the recovery process, the sooner you’re back on track. At Refreshing Massage, we are open to anyone who got injured and is looking for ACC-covered treatments in Auckland. Do you know that if you have ACC treatment for physio, you still may have ACC treatments here for free(no surcharge under ACC!) Please contact us today for details.

Don’t let that shoulder sprain, back injury or other trauma hold you back from living your life. Come to our locations in Auckland, including North Shore, Auckland City and Ormiston Town Centre, to receive the treatment you need — either fully or partially paid for by the ACC NZ.

         free ACC acupuncture in Auckland

We specialise in hands-on and other ACC treatments for decreased mobility, pain, muscle spasms and other symptoms you may be going through after an accident. No matter how nagging your discomfort seems, we can make it vanish with acupuncture, cupping, Guasha, therapeutic massage etc in Auckland. All you need to receive the necessary treatment is to share your ACC number. Just schedule your appointment for an ACC treatment by call or email us.

                     Relaxation is also a part of your healing

PTSD and anxiety often accompany a post-accident recovery. Our massage services can be a boon for lowering your stress and improving your energy. We can also give you an essential oil massage to whiff away your worries and boost your recovery. 

Schedule your appointment for a treatment your body needs!