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Refreshing Massage

ACC funded rehabilitation

                           ---------- For registered acupuncturist 



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Auricular acupuncture 
Laster acupuncture 
Gua sha 
Tui Na (Chinese Massage)
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1. If you have an ACC number which is issued from doctor, nurse, osteopath, physiotherapist, podiatrist or chiropractor.


2. If you don't have an ACC number but had an injury recently. You first need to see a health provider who is authorised under ACC to make a diagnosis and lodge an initial claim (called an ACC45 form). 
Authorised health providers include a doctor, nurse, osteopath, physiotherapist, podiatrist or chiropractor. 

Once the claim has been accepted you can visit an acupuncturist without a referral. 

Who is eligible for an ACC treatment ?
Can I recieve ACC treatments from your shop but also with chiropractor/physiotherapist? 

Yes, you can. Each ACC number can be applied with different cateogories of practitioners and each of them are calulated individually.  The nunmber of treatments used in our shop do not affect your chiropractic/ physio treatment times. As ACC normally just fund 1 treatment per day, so please make sure the treatments are scheduled on different days. 

 Can I recieve ACC treatments in your shop if I get an ACC number for physio use?  

Yes,  you can. When you get an ACC number you can visit an acupuncturist without a referral.

How many treatments can I maxmum have from you shop with each ACC number? 

1Normally, you can recieve 12 treatments here at most with each ACC number. Your ACC number will exerpire in 12 weeks after your first visit, even you do not reach the maxmum treatment limit. This new policy starts from Dec 15th, 2021.