4/17/20242 min read

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides people with a helping hand to meet the costs of personal injury. They provide the necessary insurance coverage for every personal injury case in New Zealand. Whether you are a citizen, a resident, or a visitor, you can get help from ACC if you have been in an accident in New Zealand. The Accident Compensation Corporation will pay some of your medical and rehabilitation costs.

The Purpose of ACC

The main purpose of ACC is to promote injury prevention measures, provide rehabilitation, and provide fair compensation to those who are eligible under the Act. It is a 24 hour, 7 days a week injury cover plan for all New Zealanders and also any visitor visiting New Zealand. Whether you have injured yourself in a slip and fall accident, have been in a motor vehicle or sports accident, slipped or twisted and strained your ankle or muscle while walking down the road, or suffered a sports injury by lifting, stretching, wrenching, or other movements, you can qualify for ACC Physio Treatment.

ACC Physio Treatments

The No-Fault policy by ACC ensures that everyone in New Zealand who has suffered an injury is covered. No matter who you are, your age, ethnicity, or nationality, and no matter where the injury took place, ACC physio treatments will be for you. However, in order to qualify for compensation for the injury you have suffered, the injury must be the result of an accident and not an illness or due to aging or emotional stress.

Injuries covered by ACC

Minor sprains and strains are regularly treated and covered by ACC. Similarly, ACC also provides rehabilitation for injuries like dislocations and fractures. After you have suffered an injury, you can make an appointment with a registered ACC provider.

How to Lodge an ACC Claim?

When you visit a registered ACC provider, you will be provided with an ACC claim form. To fill out the form, you will have to provide the date, time, and situation of the injury in the form. The form will be reviewed by your physio at your first appointment. When the physio gives you an estimate of the session, a portion of the payment will be covered by ACC so you will be charged less. Once the claim is made, you and your physio will be informed by ACC regarding the approval of your claim through a claim number. The ACC approval can take a few days but when you file the claim through a registered ACC provider, you will be charged for the physio session as if your claim has already been approved.