4/17/20242 min read

You may have heard about the benefits of going for a body massage, but you will be surprised to know that a body massage offers more than 25 surprising health benefits! Let’s have a look at all of these benefits.


Helps relax the body – A body massage is all you need to relax your nerves and calm them.


Helps reduce anxiety – Body massages are also known to help reduce stress-related anxiety.


Helps reduce mental stress – Mental stress has become part of our lives but with a body massage, you can help reduce the stress levels.


Calms down the nervous system – A full body massage is also known to calm down the nervous system.


Decreases lower back pain – Massages are known to decrease lower back pain.


Promotes quality sleep – If you need a good night’s sleep, go for a body massage.


Helps lower blood pressure – Another important benefit offered by body massage is that they help lower blood pressure.


Eases any symptoms of depression – Another major benefit offered by body massage NZ is that it helps ease any symptoms of depression.


Helps improve productivity – Massage is known to help improve performance and productivity in individuals. They also improve mobility as they reduce stiffness in the muscles and improve flexibility and range o motion.


Improves heart rate – Another important benefit offered by a body massage is that it helps improve heart rate.


Boosts mental relaxation – Massages are known to be very relaxing and they not only physically relax your body, but they help with mental relaxation as well.


Slows down respiration – Just like exercise, a body massage is also known to slow down the respiratory function of the body.


Helps stretch connective tissue – By improving mobility and relaxing the muscles of the body, a body massage also helps stretch connective tissue.


Helps reduce chronic pain – Massages are also known to reduce the incidences of chronic pain.


Helps improve balance – As described, massage is also known to improve balance and coordination in individuals.


Relieves aching and tired muscles – Apart from reducing chronic pain, a body massage also helps relieve aching and tired muscles.


Improves muscle tone – Massages are also known to improve muscle tone.


Relieves cramped muscles – They also help relieve cramped muscles and relieve any stiffness.


Speeds recovery – Massage also has a direct effect on the body’s lymphatic system which helps speed recovery.


Reduces tension headaches – Similar to the stress and tension-relieving properties, massage is known to reduce tension headaches as well.


Helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation – The use of pressure in massage has a direct impact on the lymphatic circulation of the body.


Speeds up the elimination of metabolic waste – Massage helps get rid of toxins and metabolic waste from our bodies as well.


Helps increase the range of motion – By improving flexibility and mobility, massage is also known to increase the range of motion in individuals.


Helps improve moisture – Massage helps improve the flow of fluids in our body and overall improves the distribution of moisture in the skin.


Improves the skin tone – Finally, another important benefit offered by massage is that it helps improve the skin tone.