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Refreshing Massage


body massage


you can choose Traditional Dry massage or Essential Oil massage,you decide the pressure...

foot reflexology


All the acupoint on feet connect the organs inside, its not just bring bout a deep state of relaxation but also other benefits...

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 Specialise in: Wry neck, Frozen shoulders, Tennis Elbow, Sciatica problem and so on...

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$0 surcharge 

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Soothe your discomfort with full-body massage and other services


Deep-tissue massage in Auckland: Perfect for musculoskeletal injuries that hamper your range of motion.

Relaxation massage: For those struggling to handle post-accident stress.

Foot reflexology: Unlike dedicated salon foot spas in NZ, our reflexology services are geared towards muscle and tissue issues with your feet and way up your body.

Alternative treatments: Best for those searching for “acupuncture and cupping therapy near me” and willing to avoid being heavily medicated.

Let us help you fight your pain with massage therapy, reflexology, cupping or acupuncture in Auckland!

As part of the ACC, you might be eligible for a range of treatments at Refreshing Massage. 



Normal cupping and fire cupping, take bad things out from you body...

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          Gua sha

A natural and alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with massage tool to improve your circulation.