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Refreshing Massage

Foot Spa NZ will give you a Bubble and Vibrating Massage

Treat your sore and tired feet with a luxurious foot spa NZ. A foot spa NZ comes with bubble and vibrating massage which is very relaxing and rejuvenating. These foot spas are designed to offer different kinds of foot massage therapies and techniques. The typical foot spa treatment includes reflexology, which I the use of pressure points that improve circulation and promote detoxification. A number of steps are followed when giving a foot spa NZ. Different ingredients may also be used during the treatment. Let’s have a look at the 10 steps that are followed when giving a foot spa NZ:


Supplies are gathered and preparation is done – The first step is to gather all the necessary equipment and ingredients that will be used when giving foot spa NZ. These supplies may include nail paint remover, cotton swabs, clippers, nail buffers, foot scrub, liquid soap, and lotion to name a few.

Nail paint is removed – The next step is to remove any nail paint from the toenails. Make sure you choose a nail paint remover that is free of parabens, acetone, and phthalate.

Feet are soaked – As part of the foot spa treatment, feet are soaked for almost 20 minutes in water to remove any debris from the feet. During this time, bubble and vibrating massage of the feet will be done to help relax the muscles. Warm water is used and bath salts are added to soften the feet.


Cuticles are removed – The next step is to tend to the cuticles which is the lower border of your nails. Due to soaking, the cuticles will soften. This is done by removing one foot from the water and a cuticle softener may also be used on each nail.


Dead skin is scraped and removed – After removing feet from water, any dead skin and calluses are removed. This is usually done using a pumice stone and a foot file. Special attention is paid to the heels.


Legs and feet are scrubbed – A generous amount of scrub is taken to scrub the feet. This is an essential step for a foot spa NZ as it removes any unwanted dead skin cells and provides an afterglow to the feet.


Legs and feet massage – The feet and legs are wiped clean and massage cream is applied which is gradually absorbed into the skin. The feet, toes, and calves are thoroughly moisturized.


Use of skin tightening pack – After doing the massage, it is crucial to use a skin tightening pack to prevent the skin from getting saggy.


Moisturize the legs and feet – The use of moisturizer locks in the moisture as the product seeps into the skin. The moisturizer also protects the skin from dust, debris, and other pollutants.


Nails are trimmed – Finally, the last step includes trimming of nails and applying of nail paint.

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